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March 29, 2021

The Ultimate Guide: Must Have Styling Tools For At Home

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Every girl deserves to have gorgeous hair! Here are my must have tools that I use on the daily to style my own hair and my clients for the perfect look every time.

Blow Dryer

My favorite blow dryer is the Croc Hybrid Blow Dryer. I love this blow dryer because it is light weight, the cord is long and it blow dries your hair super fast! It’s a salon quality blow dryer that uses a high heat that isn’t too damaging. It’s important that if you use this blowdryer that you never stay in one spot of your hair for too long, it gets hot! I love that it is light weight because I have long hair myself and my arms get tired! There’s no way I’m going to want to blow dry my hair with a heavy blow dryer. I’ve used this one for over five years, it’s my absolute favorite!

Curling Iron

My new favorite curling iron is the BioIonic Gold Pro Curling Iron. Not only is it a salon quality curling iron, which means the heat is going to be gentle on your hair, but it also has an automatic shut off timer! This is so fun! I’ve left my hot tools on a few times and so this really sold me. A quality curling iron that turns off automatically. Love it.


My favorite straightener is the Gold Pro Smoothing Styling Iron. This makes your hair so soft and smooth! I really love this one for all hair types. Even women with super thick, frizzy hair. Unless you have coarse hair, you should set your curling iron to no higher than 350. This is also a Bio Ionic product that automatically turns off as well 🙂 I just love that feature!

Wet Brush

If you don’t already have this, you are missing out on a tangle free life! This wet brush is the most gentle brush when it comes to removing tangles. It’s honestly the best invention ever created. I love to use this in the shower when I have conditioner on and again after I towel dry my hair and use a leave in product.

Round Brush

I always use a round brush to help smooth out your hair making it extra silky. My favorite round brush is the Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brush. I’ve been using this brush in the salon for over a year and at home. This synthetic bristle thermal brush features a vented ceramic barrel for faster and more consistent styling. This unique brush also includes an ion charged material designed to help smooth and shine hair.

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