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March 4, 2021

Do this to have better hair + gets rid of an oily scalp

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One of the biggest problems we face is having an oily scalp. EEK! We’ve all been there. This is one of the best tips I’ve ever given as a hairstylist. Keep reading to level up your hair game!

Lather rinse. Repeat.

It’s that simple!

Every time you wash your hair make sure you shampoo twice! This is such a game changer. Let me explain. The first rinse is to rinse of the products you used and all the environment elements floating around in the air. The second rinse to to really cleanse and clean your hair and scalp. Making it squeaky clean.

Do you ever wonder why your hair is always so soft and shiny after leaving the salon? Your stylist probably shampoos your hair two or three times in the bowl.

Here’s a rule of thumb for you:

Shampoo your hair the amount of days you went without washing. If I go three days, then I do three shampoo rinses. You want to shampoo until your shampoo is nice and sudsy. If your shampoo isn’t sudsy when you rinse, your hair is still dirty :p

So there you have it! The best secret to having amazing hair! Don’t forget to LATHER RINSE – REPEAT ♥

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