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March 29, 2021

The surprising quick fix for greasy hair

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Tons of women come across greasy hair after one shampoo! Why God Why?!?! I’m going to give you the best hair tip that my clients are drooling over! This is going to be your game changer.


Yep that’s it!

Greasy hair is usually a result of too much build up on your scalp. We are often in a rush and only shampoo our hair once and do the bare minimum. But if you’ve ever noticed that after going to the salon your hair doesn’t get greasy for days! That’s because we are probably washing your hair and shampooing it two to three times.

Mind Blown. Am I right?

First Rule Of Thumb is to shampoo your hair the amount of days you went without washing. If I go three days without shampooing, then I will shampoo three times.

Second Rule Of Thumb you can use is to shampoo until the shampoo gets nice and sudsy. When your shampoo gets sudsy that means your hair is squeaky clean!

Start doing this to your hair and you’ll never have to deal with greasy hair again!

PRo TIP: If this doesn’t work, then it’s most likely that your shampoo is not suitable for your hair.

My favorite shampoo for women who have greasy hair is Kenra Platinum Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Lather Rinse Repeat. Later Rinse Repeat. As Needed. ” – Phoebe

xo, Katie

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