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September 29, 2016

How I became a Hairstylist

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Growing up, I was definitely a tomboy that becoming a hairstylist was the biggest shock to myself and my friends and family. I mean yes I played with barbie dolls, but mostly because they were toys not because I cared what her hair looked like or what outfits I should get them. My sister still looks at me and says ” How did you become so girly??” I had zero interest in hair and only started to wear make up because I had to cover up my crazy hormonal acne in high school. Okay, it wasn’t that crazy but in high school when you have one zit you feel like the world is over… Thank GOD those days are over. I also wasn’t very fashionable until my senior year, and even then it was usually just a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. I’ve always had a very plain Jane attire, however, as I entered the Salon world is where my secret passion for hair and fashion was awakened.

I worked as a receptionist at a local salon for about four years. Over the time of working there is where I became very aware of my artistic talents. I suddenly had a natural eye for seeing which hair color and styles worked best for women and men. I also had a good act for putting cute outfits together, that I was consistently asked where I got my clothes from. They always say that as a hairstylist you either have it or you don’t, it’s not something that can be taught. To a certain extent yes, but in general if you can’t envision the outcome of your art there’s no doubt you’re going to struggle.

After years of hearing the girls say I should go get my Cosmetology License, I finally enrolled and ten months later I graduated in 2013. Cosmetology school was a breeze for me since I had four years of experience working in the salon. In fact, I was one of the last students to graduate in the class only because I was too busy cutting everyone’s hair that I didn’t have time to complete my projects! It was way more fun practicing on my classmates than doll heads :p

As soon as I was graduated and was ready to go, I immediately started taking clients. I was assisting at the time, as all hairstylists do when they graduate, but I also left a few days to start taking on some clients of my own. I still have clients who have been with me since my first days on the floor. I didn’t tell them at the time that I was new and not very experienced…Now I’m confident enough to tell them that when I first did their hair they were my first clients ever! Most of them tell me they had no idea and assumed that I had been doing hair forever! It’s comments like those that ensure me that I am in the right career.

Three years on the floor, I am more passionate than ever to do hair. I absolutely love the beauty industry that I wake up so blessed that I get to do what I LOVE! Everyday comes with new experiences and education that I am more than excited that I am becoming the hairstylist I want to be! Personally to me, it’s very rewarding to be apart of my clients lives and that I am capable of making someone feel beautiful. The confidence that ties in together from getting your hair done is so significant that I’m truly grateful that I get to partake in their lives in such a special way.

And that’s the short story of how I became a Hairstylist!

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