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How to get your hair to grow and FAST.

Wanting longer hair? You’re in the right place! Here’s how to take your hair out of that stage where it just won’t get any longer to long luxurious hair. No matter what kind of hair type you have!


March 7, 2021

Do this to have better hair + gets rid of an oily scalp

One of the biggest problems we face is having an oily scalp. EEK! We’ve all been there. This is one of the best tips I’ve ever given as a hairstylist. Keep reading to level up your hair game!


March 4, 2021

How I became a Hairstylist

I worked as a receptionist at a local salon for about four years. Over the time of working there is where I became very aware of my artistic talents. I suddenly had a natural eye for seeing which hair color and styles worked best for women and men.


September 29, 2016