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March 15, 2021

3 strategies to build a clientele who values you

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Let’s talk about attracting and maintaining a clientele who absolutely adores you and respects your time. With these few tips and text prompts we can effortlessly attract clients who value you. Sounds like a dream clientele right? You will never feel walked on or taken advantage of again.

“Be so confident in yourself that no ones opinion or rejection can rock you”

Here are 3 ways to always sound confident in yourself:

Saying ‘No’ To These Clients.

I’ve been there before where you want to take on every client. Especially when you are growing your clientele. But no matter where you are in your career it’s important to respect your boundaries as a hairstylist and express them clearly to avoid clients who don’t deserve your time.


Always asks for discounts.

Keeping clients who don’t know your worth makes you feel under valued and not appreciated. Keeping clients who ask for discounts just makes you build resentment towards them and when they show up on your books it creates low energy and can put you in a bad mood. Who wants to spend a busy day and make time for someone who isn’t going to pay your worth? Let’s not make time for these clients, I promise, there are other clients who know your worth and are willing to pay full price. But keeping these clients on our books just means we aren’t making room for the ones who will pay full price. Next time you have this client. Simply tell them you are no longer offering discounts and send them a list of your prices. If they don’t agree to your price menu, then tell them you appreciate their business bu you are no longer able to be their hairstylist.

TEXT TEMPLATE: Hi Name, thank you so much for your business. I understand if you are uncomfortable paying these prices, however, I will no longer be able to be your hairstylist. Thank you for understanding, I hope you find a stylist who meets your needs. – Katie

What this does is sets your boundaries and lets them know you value yourself.

Always runs late.

We know that one minute in the hairstylist world feels like fifteen minutes. When a client runs late we immediately begin to panic. We start working faster on them and scramble to do our work in less time. Here’s what happens when you allow someone to run late.

  • Your work is compromised because you are working faster to fit them in.
  • Your next client now has to wait because you squeezed a client who was late.
  • You don’t enjoy your time with your client because you’re too busy feeling rushed and frustrated

Here’s what to do the next time your client texts you they are running over 15 minutes behind.

You are going to kindly text them this message:

“Hi Name! Thank you so much for letting me know that you are running behind. I can take you today, however, moving forward if you are more than fifteen minutes behind I will not be able to take you and we will have to reschedule you. Thank you so much for understanding, see you soon!


The first time I sent this to my forever running late client I was sweating, my heart was racing and I was terrified of her response! Scary right! It’s outside of our comfort zones to lay down our Boundaries.

Want to know what she responded with?

She apologized up and down and said how sorry she was that she was making me late and guess what… Ya at that appointment it was a bit awkward for me because I just did something I wasn’t used to… BUT she NEVER RAN LATE AGAIN!!! She now shows up ten minutes early to all of her appointments.

My best days at the salon are the ones that I never feel rushed and everything runs smoothly. But this doesn’t happen without expressing my boundaries and expectations to my clients. I now have a clientele who never runs late and sends me texts that they are running behind when really they are still 10 minutes early. But they know that I have standards and run a tight schedule and I will tell them “no” if they aren’t on time.

I know what you’re thinking… but I will lose out on that money that day!

I feel you and I hear you. But you have to just take the hit this one day to create many more better days! And if they don’t book with you again, you don’t want a book full of people who don’t respect your time anyways.

( ps. I love you. And want to help you. I know it’s hard. You got this! )

Wants a service that you don’t have a lot of experience in.

This is also tricky because we want to say yes to everyone! I know. I’ve been there. But what if someone wants something that you just don’t have a lot of experience in or know a lot about. I had a client who was a level 1 naturally and wanted her roots to be bleached out to match her level 8 blonde hair. I was so excited and said YES! Let me do it.

She left with hot roots looking orange and pink. And she about cried in my chair.

Why did I even take her as a client????!!! I don’t do bleach touch ups! I never took classes on this!! What was I thinking!

This was my lesson.

I no longer accept clients outside of my expertise. If I don’t feel confident that I can do their hair then I simply say something like

Hi! So happy you reached out to me! Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable doing your hair at this time. I’m not experienced enough to give you want you want and think it would be best for you to find a hairstylist who specializes in what you are looking for. Thank you again!

Simple. I know you don’t want to say no to clients.. but this saves you from completely throwing off your reputation. It isn’t our goal to do every hairstyle under the sun. You want people to leave loving their hair, and sometimes that means saying No to the clients we don’t feel 99% confident with.

She responded saying… I totally understand! Thank you so much… do you know a hairstylist who does punky colors? Thanks!


Who wants to come on your days off or outside of your business hours.

I did this for a few years. Guilty! I would rearrange my life to squeeze in a client. This is a huge NO NO. Now they think they can come in any day any time. It’s not their fault, it was mine.

I now create a detailed and specific schedule and stick to it. If a client asks to come on one of my days off. I simply say these are the days I am working x,y and z. Here’s what I have available ( and send a few open times ) let me know what day works for you.

EEK! Another scary moment! What if they can’t come in on one of those days?!? TRUST ME. They make time!

PRO TIP: If you create a smaller amount of availability it creates more desire to come in. We always want what we can’t have, and if we have to wait for something we want it more!

So don’t be afraid giving them dates that are a few days or weeks away to fit your schedule. It just creates more respect for your time and creates a greater desire to get their hair done.

Just a few things I’ve learned over the years to have clients who respect and value me as a hairstylist. ♥

Lay down your boundaries to build more respect.

The more you respect yourself, the more they will respect you and value you.

mmmmkayyyy girrrrl! xoxoxox

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