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If you're looking for ways to stand out as a hairstylist, attract new clients and retain a clientele, you're in the right place.

Feel like you're doing everything right but still don't see financial growth?

Feeling stressed out about how to attract new clients and get them to book with you?

Do you have an instagram but feel defeated when it comes to what to post or how to write your captions?

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Nice to meet you!

I'm Katie, a hairstylist and BUSINESS COACH helping creative hair experts like you grow your business.

Hello there! I myself am a college drop out who pursued her passion as a creative hairstylist!

On this journey, I've learned the importance of building your own business and creating a brand for yourself.

It's hard to stand out in our oversaturated industry, so I am here to help you do that!

I've been the hairstylist who sat around waiting for clients... I've been the stylist who wanted to give up and go back to college. I've been the stylist who felt lost and completely overwhelmed.

It wasn't until I truly started to invest in my business when the magic happened. It is said "the more you invest in yourself, the more you gain." That has been my motto to lead me right into the $100k career of my dreams.

So, are you ready to get started?

i only work with...

Hairstylists that know it's going to be an investment.

Hairstylists that are willing to put in the extra effort to stand out.

Hairstylists that are passionate about helping women feel beautiful.

If this is you... keep scrolling :)

Dropped out of college, now I'm here.

About me

I specialize in marketing for hairstylists, I obsess over the tech side of growing a business and love taking the frustration of computers, apps and marketing away from the  beauty creatives! We're cosmetologists not marketing majors! Take a look around the site, it's here to help your dream clientele find you!

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aesthetic website design

I design a website that resembles the style of your salon, your hair tribe, your niche and your personality!

I've perfected the exact layout that displays exactly what clients are looking for when searching for a new hairstylist.





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You don't have to break the bank to market your salon business, you just have to know what to do.