” I wish I could take you everywhere with me”

I am now offering one on one classes to personally teach you how to blow dry your hair to achieve that professional blow dry look in the convenient of your own home!

Most of my clients tell me that it takes them hours to blow dry their hair, or when they do it’s just a big frizz ball mess! It’s not your fault, you just don’t know how to properly use your tools and using the correct angles are super important. With that being said…

In our class, we will be going over what products to use for your hair type and how to use them properly to achieve the results you are looking for. Each session is an hour long using the tools I have provided. Not only do you get to learn how to blow dry your hair the correct way, but you will also be given 20% off your entire purchase the day of your class! I will have all the products we use that day available with you at my salon or ready to order.

I already have a few sessions booked, as I know it has been highly requested from my clients! I want you to not only have great hair the day of your appointment, but 365 days out of the year! Ok lets be realistic 300 days, its not going to be everyday you blow dry and style your hair :p Lets Be Honest. Hehe.

If this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to text me!

Looking forward to giving you guys the opportunity to love and embrace your hair at its fullest!

xoxo, Hair By Katie Nicole

$50 Per Session + 20% off your entire purchase the day of your session