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Get rid of frizzy hair with this simple step!

How to Tackle FRIZZY Hair

Why going from Dark brunette to Blonde is nearly impossible for your first visit. Your hair has different levels of color that you probably didn’t know about. I’m going to explain it using these four levels, but in the hair world we have 10 levels of hair that we are working with. For today, I’m […]

Levels of Hair Color, Hair Color Theory

What is in the air right now?? It’s the beginning of May, and myself and others are struggling hard with a dry scalp. It’s the worst! This made we read up on a ton of articles to narrow in on the best treatment out there to solve our problem. This Tea Tree Hair and Scalp […]

Help! My Scalp Is Dry

  Cool Tones include Blue, Purple, and Green. Warm Tones include Red, Orange and Yellow. What does this mean for hair? Can you tell which one is a cool tone and which is a warm tone? You’re right! The left side is cool and the right side is warm. Most of the time people don’t […]

What is Cool Vs. Warmth?

How exciting! We just spent like four hours together and now you’re leaving with a GORGEOUS balayage! Totally worth the wait right 😉 hehe. Here are some hair products that are going to help your hair and balayage stay looking fresh and beautiful : 1: Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner This shampoo is gold. […]

How to: Care for your Hair After a Balayage

I feel like the idea of toner is a very misunderstood service that clients are unsure about whether or not they need it. I’m going to go over how a hairstylist uses toner to give you a better understanding of how this magical product works! How toner is used. Toners are used on hair that […]

What Is Toner? How it’s used for your Hair

The science behind blow dryers… After doing some research, I found that ceramic blow dryers are the best for your hair! This Croc Ceramic Ionic Blow dryer will blow dry your hair by using a non damaging infrared heat which is much more gentle on your hair and adds shine due to less frizz. “It’s […]

The Blow Dry but it won’t Fry

Is this you “I can’t do anything with my hair because its too damn frizzy, and I ain’t got time for that”. Well who does!?! When I was first building my clientele, the number one complaint I would hear is the Frizz Factor. I hardlyyyyy ever hear this anymore, and I’m about to tell you […]

Make your life easier in 3 simple ways!

Ever wonder what the stages of going lighter are? Continue reading as I explain how your hair works… If you are naturally dark or have just recently colored your hair darker then here’s what’s happening when you want to go lighter. Starting from Dark Brown/Black we have to remove several layers of color to even […]

The Stages of Going Lighter

Do you feel like you hate your hair? Here are the top three reasons why… ONE –  You’re due for a haircut. When you have split ends your hair will never cooperate, no matter what you do. Ever notice that when you’re trying to style your hair with split ends it never looks good? My hair […]

3 Reasons Why You Hate Your Hair