I dropped out of college to pursue my passion to help women feel beautiful.

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Years of college

I currently live in Irvine, Ca. In a 670 square foot studio with my lovely cat, Leo. I often find myself blogging or doing some form of creating through website design, social media or interior design. I can't go a day without art and creativity!

I studied to be an elementary teacher at CSUF for seven years before making the move to drop out and follow my passion. It was a scary as hell move, but I wanted to create a life and career that I LOVED showing up to.


years as a hairstylist


years as a salon owner


years in the industry



Design inspires me the most!

This is my dining room. I constantly rearrange my apartment! I love creating a fresh environment and challenge myself to move things around to make my home feel cozy! I'm a huge home body, having a home that I feel comfortable in helps inspire me!


Leo, 3 years old, straight from the streets.

I never imagined myself to have a cat! I wanted a dog when I moved out into my apartment 3 years ago. But with my crazy work schedule, a dog wasn't practical. My client rescued Leo when he was 8 weeks from the streets in Chino. She said "I found your fur baby"
It's been love ever since, he's the BEST love bug ever!


Planes terrify me. Period.

My favorite way to explore is by car. I usually adventure in California! It's such a gorgeous state with so many places to see! I've recently camped at Mammoth Lakes, Big Sur and Yosemite.

I'm not a big traveler!

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