About Me

Hello! I'm Katie Nicole

Hi! I’m Katie Nicole. I’m thirty years old, exploring and playing with oppurtinities and most importantly creating hair styles that are visually pleasing to my clients! I’ve always had an eye for creative concepts and have used this passion towards hairstyling!

I currently specialize in the popular Subtle Balayge. I take what you already have and add a hint of change, just enough for you to feel refreshed and new again but nothing too crazy where your hubby or children won’t recognize you!

I’m a very natural, subtle kind of gal myself, which is why my clients absolutely love my services!

I also love designing hairstyles that are created just for you! I take into consideration your: Face Shape, Lifestyle and Skin Tone while creating your new #HairGoals. It’s important to me, to give you a style that fits you for YOUR needs.