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March 29, 2021

5 commonly asked questions about hair

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Here are five things you need to know so you can start falling more in love with your hair.

How Do I Get My Hair To Grow Faster?

To get your hair to grow faster you have to schedule a trim every 8 weeks. Keeping your ends fresh is the best thing you can do for your hair. Getting rid of split ends allows your hair to grow longer without breaking off on the ends which causes it to stop growing or get shorter. It’s why some women say they can never get their hair past a certain length. I schedule my clients on a strict haircut routine when their goal is to grow it longer. 8 weeks is the sweet spot! But only cut a half an inch or less. It’s just a trim!

Why Is My Hair So Frizzy?

Frizzy hair is caused when our hair is begging for moisture. It’s usually frizzy when we are using cheap shampoos, we are skipping out on conditioner or you aren’t using a shampoo that’s hydrating. My clients never complain about frizzy hair because they are all using salon quality products on their hair. These products are an investment and may seem costly, but they are filled with nutrients that your hair needs to be silky and smooth. Our hair is something we have to manage everyday, I promise, it’s totally worth it! My favorite shampoo to help heal frizzy hair is Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner.

What Do I Do For Brassy Hair?

We experience brassy hair when we are lightening our hair and going lighter. The under tones of our hair are red, orange and yellow. Which are the “brassy” tones. I schedule my clients every 8 weeks for a toner appointment to keep their hair color fresh! Toner and color always fades and the color will go back to our natural reddish orange under tones. I suggest using Fanola No Yellow Shampoo as an at home toner. Depending on how often you wash your hair, it’s best to use this at least once a week.

How to use Purple Shampoo:

Shampoo your hair with your normal shampoo once or twice first. Then use the the purple shampoo and saturate it all over. Leave on for 5 minutes minimum. Rinse out. And follow with your conditioner.

How Do I Care For A Balayage

A balayage is a process that lightens your hair. Which means that it is stripping away at your hair cuticle. This means your hair becomes a bit weaker and more fragile. If you’ve gone lighter, you can tell that the texture of your hair changes and feels more dry. This is why it’s important to use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner that’s meant to repair your hair to bring your it back to it’s healthiest state. My favorite products for after a balayage are Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue or Kenra Platinum Restorative.

What Do I Do For Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is common when you are going a few levels lighter than your natural color. This happens because going lighter makes your hair more fragile as I mentioned before. The best thing to do is to get one of the shampoos listed above and to get a leave in treatment to help nourish your hair. The best leave daily leave in treatment, that I LOVE for my clients, is Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends. This product is loaded with nutrients to help your hair become stronger again. It’s perfect for the gal who is trying to go lighter and lighter. It will keep your hair healthy through out the lightening process.

You can also start using Coconut Oil on your hair once a month. I did this treatment during quarantine and it was super fun!

xo, Katie

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