The Perfect Pet for the Busy Gal

I worked 6/7 days a week when I moved into my first apartment. The hustle was REAL. After four months of living on my own, I was ready for some other living creature, a fish would have even been ideal.

I didn’t go shopping for a pet or anything, just started to really think about how it would be nice to come home to a home with a living soul in it. It gets lonely, all the single gals know what I mean!

Leo, little love bug, was introduced into my life shortly after! It was at four months that my client found him and brought him into my life.



I didn’t grow up with cats, nor did I ever want one! Like I said, a fish would have been ideal. But this little guy sat in my lap so perfectly when I met him, so there I was, driving home with a little kitten in my lap. I wasn’t prepared at all. I turned a box into a kitty litter and had some spare food from my friend. 

WTF was I doing with a cat? I don’t even think I like cats??

Three years later, he is the best thing that has happened to me! He’s so loving, entertaining and low maintenance AF. I can leave him home alone for 3-4 days when I go on vacation. I don’t have to leave work early to let him out. He never once had an accident on my carpet. He doesn’t eat my shoes.

He’s kind of perfect.

So if you’re looking for a pet but you’re never home, girl, a cat is for you! Super low maintenance and their just little love bugs! He’s my stage 10 clinger that I couldn’t imagine living without.

I super super super support you getting a cat! The fur isn’t all that bad. Just clean the liter box once a day and you’ll be good!

If you have a cat or get a cat tag me in your fur baby pic @katienicole.home ! I want to meet your little one!

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