3 Free Marketing Tools You Want To Know About

I couldn’t believe how my new clients were finding me! I moved into a Sola Salon where walk-ins were non-existent. I was completely on my own to market my business and hope that new clients would find me! Here are three platforms that my clients used to find me and why they hired me as their Hairstylist!

All about the GRAM,


If you don’t have an instagram, are you even real? This is how it’s starting to feel in the Salon Industry. Instagram is our resume, it’s the tool clients are using to see if they want to hire you. So if you don’t have an Instagram, you don’t even get an interview.

Here’s why you need an Instagram:

Instagram gives us so much power to create a feed that expresses: who we are, what we do, and where we’re located.

Have you noticed that your clients are kind of just like you? This is because our vibe attracts our tribe. You can use Instagram to express your true self! You have complete freedom to post any photos you want. You can post your hobbies, your passion for hair, what your business is about… everything! They want to connect and relate with you. Instagram is kind of like a first date, they’re going to see what you’re about and if they vibe with you before deciding if there’s going to be date #2!

What the YELP? Yes, YELP!

YES, I’m a lover a YELP! Some people talk pretty negatively about it, but it’s such an amazing tool for people to find you! Yelp makes it easy for people to search for businesses that they are close to. Thousands of people in your city alone or using Yelp to find a hairstylist. We even have our own little category. HAIR SALONS. Have you seen it?!

This means you need to be on Yelp, so when people are searching “Hairstylist” in “Your City” you pop up!

Clients use Yelp to find you, not book with you.

You’re half way there! If they find you with Yelp, they usually head over to your Instagram or Website ( we’re getting to that in a second). Yelp is the tool at which people use to just find you. To know you exist. To know you’re a hairstylist in their city or close to home. So make sure you have all three platforms so they can further do their research. We both know that this industry is saturated, so the more they can find out about you and what you have to offer the more they’re going to be excited to book with you!

WEBSITES Book Clients. Facts are Facts

A website sounds so 1990s, like who uses a website anymore? It’s all about the GRAM. Right? Right, buttttt we’re trying to build our business and without a website, we aren’t very “legit”.

I built my website for funsies about three years ago, and today it’s part of my business strategy. It’s still fun, but it’s now CRUCIAL.

I asked my clients why they booked with me and this is what they said…

“I saw your website and decided to book with you! You look real professional and no one else had a website.” Yes, websites are kind of a thing in the past, but it’s kind of a thing in the present if you’re wanting to stand out as a hairstylist and book more clients! A website establishes credibility. End of story.

You’re on your way! Exciting!

Now that you know what platforms clients are looking for, you’re already ahead of the gang! These platforms establishes the trust that they have in you. It makes them excited to have found a hairstylist who means business! Because if you take the time to establish all these platforms, it means you’re pretty serious about what you do!


Want to know even more? I can’t wait to share with you the e-book I’ve created to explain how to set up these platforms to get clients to book with you!

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