Saving time with Instagram

Instagram can be a time sucker, for sure. Here are a few ways I try to dominate my schedule and not let Instagram run my life.

I time block my time to work on social media.

This can look different for everyone depending on your purpose. I spend about an hour every day either in the morning right when I wake up or in the evening right before bed. I spend an hour engaging with my clients and followers. This grows your community and relationship with customers. I mean, Instagram is all about being social 😉

I use Planoly to schedule my posts.

I use this app to rearrange my photos to be aesthetically pleasing. New eyes on your feed are looking for professional and clean feeds. After all, Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s important to take the time to make it pretty!

I also use Planoly to write and store my captions. I write them out before hand and save them to each picture. This way, I don’t ever feel stuck when it’s time to post. ** You should be posting at least once a day to create consistency.**

Download Planoly

In between clients.

During slow days, if I ever have large gaps, I like to use this time wisely. I’ll write captions. Add photos to my Planoly feed. Or engage with clients on Instagram. The more work I can get done at the Salon, the less work I have to do when I get home 🙂


If you haven’t already, I created some free downloads to jump start your IG game to start attracting more clients 🙂

>> How to use Hashtags Download

>>The Instagram Bio Creator

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