The Scheduling App Your Clients Will Thank You For Using

This Scheduling Program has so much to offer, but here are my favorite things about this app.

Schedule Appointments :

It has a great system to schedule your appointments. It’s easy to double book clients as well. You have the option to preset the times for each services. You can also include gaps between services to make it effortless to double book, and more! You also have the option to have your clients book online.


This app will automatically send out text reminders or an email reminder to your clients! You can set it to send out 3 days before, 1 day before, or both! I use both! My clients absolutely love their text reminders!

Manage Income:

You can check out your client and keep track of what you charged them, the tip amount and how they paid. There’s an option to have an overlook of your day, week, month or year. This way you can stay organized and see what your busiest time of the year is!


You can send out emails to all your clients! This is a great feature to send specials, price adjustments, vacation notices, and more! It’s a great way to stay connected with your clients 🙂


This app is $25 a month to use, but with the amount of organization it offers you it’s worth it! My clients thank me for their text reminders all the time, it helps eliminate no shows 🙂

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