Finding a Balance to Avoid Burnout

Finding a Balance

I’ve hit burnouts more times than I’d like to admit. I absolutely loved my job and loved going to work, but I’ve definitely experienced low points along the way. I found myself frustrated because I loved what I was doing, but still felt like a prisoner to my work. I kept thinking how could I feel this way when I’ve pursued a career I loved???

I’ve been there, you know that place where if you can’t be happy doing something you loved, how could you be happy at all? I loved my career, I loved being in the salon, I loved my clients, but I was still feeling burnt out?

I was living a pretty fortunate life, I’d like to think. I had my own Salon, my own apartment, a supporting and loving family, great friends, good health, I was financially stable, I had a nice car, and a super handsome cat! What more could I ask for?? I still found myself googling “how to be happy”, talk about rock bottom.

My days mostly consisted of me waking up 30 minutes before work, going to work 10 hours a day, coming home to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and then going to sleep. I ate pretty healthy, but I was definitely a huge fan of Sugar . I felt like I had been doing well at living a balanced life, I worked full time but slept 8 hours a night… I’ve got this balance life all figured out! So I thought.

I was neglecting BALANCE.

Here are 6 things I found helpful to give me a balanced daily/weekly routine.

  • Rest & Sleep
  • Good nutrition & exercise
  • Relationships: Family & Friends
  • Work, Financial & Career
  • Intellectual Stimulation 
  • Creativity and Play

This is one that I’ll never neglect! I set my own schedule to make sure that I always get 7-8 hours of sleep. I’ve never, NEVER neglected sleep. I know our schedules may be different, but I strongly encourage you to do what you can to find the time to rest 🙂

  1. Good Nutrition & Exercise

We don’t have to be health nuts to practice this one! I started to add more veggies and fruits into my daily meals. Instead of reaching for cereal, I’d have yogurt, granola and strawberries. I’d have a banana for breakfast instead of a pop-tart. Remember its about balance, I still eat pop-tarts! But I definitely spend a good amount of time eating healthier meals. I even eat spinach, I never thought I’d voluntarily be eating spinach.

Exercise is huge! I used to think I would have to work out for 45 minutes at the gym, or run 5 miles to get my exercise in. Ugh, it sounded so exhausting so I didn’t make time for it. However, that’s NOT THE CASE. I’ve now added a 15-30 minute walk to my morning routine. I feel so energized and ready to take on the day! Sometimes, I won’t make it in the morning and go for an evening walk. Either way, I get my walk in! Even if its just 15 minutes. I’m addicted to my walks!

I’m also seeing a physical therapist once every two weeks. More recently, I started to get aches and pain in my legs, lower back and feet! Yikes, I’m not even 30 yet! Standing on my feet all day without proper care, was stressing out my muscles. My physical therapist finds the root of my pain and provides me with stretches and workouts to start eliminating the pain. He’s $160 a month, but after one visit with him my aches went away! Health > Cost

  1. Family & Friends

Don’t forget about your support group! Schedule a lunch date with your friend, or take your parents out to dinner. Make time to go to family events, they want you there! No one knows you the way your family and friends do, its always a great time with them! Reach out and make it happen, sometimes they forget to balance too and they probably need you in their lives just as equally.

  1. Work

Of course, we need to work to pay for our bills! It’s healthy to work. I feel like work helps give me a purpose and makes me excited to help others! Just remember, work isn’t life and doesn’t define you. I used to feel that my career defined me as a person, so I dove in pretty deep into it. This was hurting me the most. I was sacrificing everything around me to give work all my attention. Whoops!

  1. Intellectual Stimulation 

Watching Tv doesn’t count! I’m not going to lie, I hate reading. But I’ve found some really good, inspiring books to read lately and I started to read 3 times a week. Every night would be ideal, but realistically thats just not going to happen. I look forward to cuddling up on my couch with a good read, it feels nice get my brain moving 🙂

  1. Creativity and Play

This one hit home for me. I’m single, with no kids, and found myself with more free time than I could handle. I used to go shopping to fill the time. Horrible habit. I’ve recently picked up blogging and its been such a creative outlet for me! What do you enjoy to do on your free time? Schedule in more time to do it! You deserve some creative and play time for yourself!

Now, I’m not saying my schedule perfectly fits all six of these. And sometimes I can’t be two places at once, or eat the healthiest meal but I’ve become more aware of balancing them and do my best to avoid neglecting them. I’ve been practicing these for about a month now and my days have completely changed! I feel so accomplished, organized and complete! I even look forward to going to work again! I missed that feeling.

I’m addicted to making sure that I make time for myself because I never want to feel that emptiness again. I was only hurting myself by not making time for, ME.

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