My Best Investment

Why I stopped filling up my closet and started filling up my future.

Hi, I’m Katie, and I am a recovering Shopaholic.

Here’s the funny thing, I remember seeing a hair class I wanted to take for like $100 and thought ehh that’s way too much. Then drive myself to Tjmaxx and spend $120 without even thinking. Ha, what? I was addicted to the instant gratification and the idea that it would make me feel “better”. You know, that’s how society wants us to feel, those damn advertisers are genius. I’ll give them that.

When my full size closet (not master) was full and I needed another garment rack for my clothes, and I had a pile of 10 of the same color brown shoe… I knew something wasn’t right. This is where my money is going?? To clothes that I only sometimes wear, or wore once… EEK!

I started to cut back on buying these materialistic items and started to invest in hair classes, stocking up on color at the salon, social media ebooks, a DSLR camera, a Mac, inspiring books of women who were CEO’s… These were the things that were Benefiting My Future.

Spending “x” amount of dollars on all these educational and valuable sources may have seemed expensive at the time but somehow my bank began to grow. Fast. I’m not saying to put a holt to shopping and enjoying that part of life, but when you start to invest in your future self amazing things happen! Unless you’re a fashion blogger, where is that T-shirt really going to take you?

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