How to: Beat being Discouraged


” I didn’t know someone could experience so much love for their career. The majority of people complain about their work and dread having to clock in. I used to be one of them, I had about fifteen jobs before becoming a hairstylist. I truly hop to inspire you that there is a career waiting for you, one that you won’t be able to get enough of” – Katie Nicole

I wasn’t discouraged.

It just takes one discouraged thought to stop you from creating your dream career.

Becoming a hairstylist, it’s natural to think, how am I going to make it? There are so many other hairstylists and salons at every corner. How will I build a clientele? Can I really afford to live on my own and pay my bills without a college degree? I can’t do this, I don’t know where to start. ”

I’m sure these have all crossed your mind, they are common concerns when you start to think of all the bad things about being a hairstylist. To be honest, I thought them too.

I wrote down some goals of mine and what I wanted my career to be.

  1. I wanted to love what I do
  2. I wanted a flexible schedule
  3. I wanted to be my own boss
  4. I wanted to run my own business
  5. I didn’t want to work with co workers, because I didn’t want the salon drama
  6. I wanted to help others
  7. I wanted to be creative

It just so happens that being a hairstylist/salon owner marks all of these goals for me. I’m also now dipping into blogging, which checks off my list of career goals as well! Maybe being a hairstylist isn’t for you but at least at the end of this post you will feel more confident to follow your dream career.


Being discouraged is totally normal and hard to overcome. Why do you think so many people work 9 – 5 jobs? Its security, its comfort, its easy.

If you want to pursue your dream career you have to know its going to take A LOT of work and sacrifice to get there. But hey, after three years of sacrifice, I’m able to pursue the career of my dreams and LOVE what I do! I sound cliche when I say this, but I honestly don’t feel like I’m ever working. I’m blogging now on a Wednesday night instead of watching The Bachelor like most of my friends, but this is what I enjoy!

Find what you enjoy to do.

What would you give up your weekend for? What would you rather do than go out drinking for a girls night? Most importantly, what would you do for free?

“Once you realize you would do something without even wanting any money in exchange is when you know you’ve found your passion.”

When I first became a hairstylist, I was hardly charging anythingggg. I felt so guilty to charge someone for doing their hair because I enjoyed it so much! We live in a society that makes us believe that work is a place where you go punch in, grab coffee to make it through the day, and have wine when you get home because work was crazy stressful.

Is that the job you want for yourself??

That’s not the job I wanted. I was 110% stubborn and worked 23 different jobs until I found a job that I couldn’t get enough of. ( geesh, this is starting to feel like dating, I’ll kiss 100 frogs until I find my prince… ok, different blog post? hehe ) My point is, don’t settle until you are happy! Because it is out there.

When I first started, freshly graduated from cosmo school, I was so hungry to succeed that I was working seven days a week. I didn’t want to miss any opportunity, and I felt like any time not spent learning about being a hairstylist was time wasted. I could eat, sleep and breathe hair. I wanted to know EVERYTHING. SO that’s what I did.

Self education became my most valuable tool.

Cosmetology School taught me a whole lot of … well nothing. I’d assume it’s a lot like college. I went to college for six years and I don’t have much to show for it. Same with Cosmo School, I went for a year but everything that was valuable to me was self taught or was taught through assisting another hairstylist.

Experience is going to be your best way of learning. Nothing beats that. But we are SO FORTUNATE to have YOUTUBE and instagram and all other platforms that are just pouring out tons of knowledge on any subject… FOR FREE!

I grew my entire business based off of Youtube videos. Instead of keeping up with the Bachelor and other tv shows that were popular I was on YouTube. How to grow your business organically. How to use instagram to attract clients. How to cut a bob. How to do a balayage. How to build a website. How to.. How to.. How to..

We aren’t allowed to say “I don’t know how to do that” anymore because we can literally take our phones and youtube how to do something and know how to do said new thing within minutes. That leaves zero room for any excuses. Kind of scary right? At least we know that anything is possible and the resources are there, it is now up to you to decide if this is really what you want.


I’ve read this in a hundred articles and now it gives me great pleasure to say ” If you follow what you love, you will not, can not fail. ” Once you set your goals you will do whatever it takes to get there. Love what you do, you deserve that.





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