Everything You Should Know About a Balayage


You’ve just treated yourself to a beautiful Balayage and you’re probably wondering what to do now to keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy!

Here are a few things to expect when getting a Balayage:

1. Balayages are Expensive

…and here’s why.

A balayage is a technique to lighten your hair and make it as natural looking as possible. The balayage is a “Sunkissed” affect on your hair to look as though you didn’t just go get your hair done.

This is a look that takes a very special technique that your hairstylist probably took a year or two conquering after investing in tons of hair classes. This technique definitely doesn’t happen over night.

They also include a ton of services to achieve this look.

You get a full head of highlights, a root melt, toner and a haircut if you’re due for one.

All together thats a $315 service. I charge $175 for my balayages which is almost half the cost! Once you really know what it takes for a balayage you’ll start to be way more thankful for the cost 😉

2. Will my hair be damaged?

Generally, hair is only damaged if you decide to go dark, light, dark, light, dark and light again. This stresses out your hair cuticle and causes it to become weak. If you stick to going lighter for a longer period of time, with out going darker in between, your hair should take to the balayage pretty well 🙂

3. Your hair texture will change.

To go lighter, stylists have to use bleach on your hair to lift your color. Most women these days don’t have virgin hair, otherwise we could get away with lifting with color. Bleach is not exactly healthy for your hair, but if done correctly, it doesn’t have to be too damaging. I do balayages all day long and my clients are able to still maintain healthy hair. To be honest, your hair might feel a little more course. Never fear thats why AMAZING SHAMPOOS ARE HERE …

4. What shampoo should I use now?

So glad you asked! My ALL TIME FAVORITE shampoo and conditioner for my clients after getting a balayage is Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue.


This shampoo saves lives. Your hairs life that is. I definitely notice if my clients are being loyal to this hair product because when they come back for their next appointment, their hair is stronger than when they left. Using this shampoo allows my clients to continue to go lighter without damaging their hair, or “frying” it. It’s full of nutrients that help rebuild your hair after having used bleach on it to go lighter. HIGHLY recommend this product.

If you are a blondie, its also recommended to invest in a purple shampoo. Schwarzkopf has a Silver Shampoo that is great for toning out brassiness. It’s definitely going to happen, naturally, but the shampoo is there to help you keep your blonde bright and beautiful 🙂

5. LEAVE in treatments are going to HELP you in the LONG RUN


Schwarzkopf also created this AMAZING product to help with rebuilding your hair. This should be used daily. You should apply a dime size amount to towel dried hair after you get out of the shower. Make sure your hair is mostly dry, if applied to wet hair then it dilutes the product. Since most of us don’t wash our hair everyday, it can also be applied to dry hair. I LOVE to run this through my hair through out the day if I feel like my hair starts to look a bit frizzy and dry. Just remember to focus on the ends. Include this lovely product into your daily routine and you’ll never have hair problems again!

6. When will I need to come back in?

The beautiful thing about a Balayage is that it could last you up to 3-6 months. I like to schedule my clients to come in for a toner and haircut every 8 weeks to keep the tone of your hair as vibrant and shiny as possible. At about 8 weeks, you’ll start to notice the toner fading, however, sometimes you might like how it fades and not want to use a toner.

If you are trying to achieve more blonde, and go lighter, then its best to schedule a balayage again 6-8 weeks after your appointment. This will give your hair some time to rest and recover using your new products to restore your hairs integrity.


Balayages can be a bit pricey, but written above helps explain the process and what it really takes to achieve the balayage look. If you’re going to spend the money to get it done, its best to take care of your hair after and invest in some hair products that are going to keep your hair healthy and strong.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL style, I’m so glad you are considering doing it or have already gotten it! If you have any more questions comment below!




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