Levels of Hair Color, Hair Color Theory

Why going from Dark brunette to Blonde is nearly impossible for your first visit.

Your hair has different levels of color that you probably didn’t know about. I’m going to explain it using these four levels, but in the hair world we have 10 levels of hair that we are working with. For today, I’m going to use – Brown, Red, Orange and Blonde.

When you are a brunette who wants to have blonde highlights, your hair has to lift through all these levels to achieve blonde.

Here’s a photo to show you what the process of going lighter is.


When you are naturally dark or have dyed your hair dark in the last month or THREE YEARS, your hair will have to lift three whole levels to be blonde. If you try to do this in one process your hair has a very high chance of breaking. Why? Your hair integrity is weakened anytime bleach is used on your hair to go lighter. When you’re letting the bleach go through all the levels in one process, it stresses out your hair and makes it feel fried and gummy if done incorrectly. This is why it’s usually a process to go from light to dark.

But I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year!

That dye color doesn’t just disappear and actually remains on the hair for up to three years! So if you were light before and decided to go dark and then want to go light again – you have to start the whole lightening process over. This means lifting through the red and orange tones again.

When you constantly switch between going dark and going light in a short amount of time, this also contributes to your hair growth. Your hair isn’t strong enough to protect itself and starts to split which makes it much harder for your hair to grow longer. Hence, why a lot of time blondes don’t have super long hair because their hair is naturally not as strong.

In the photo above shows each process to going lighter. It took us a solid 4 times to achieve going from box dye black to a gorgeous blonde! So if you’re dark and want to go lighter be patient with your hair and your stylist!





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