Help! My Scalp Is Dry

What is in the air right now??

It’s the beginning of May, and myself and others are struggling hard with a dry scalp. It’s the worst! This made we read up on a ton of articles to narrow in on the best treatment out there to solve our problem.


This Tea Tree Hair and Scalp treatment has been a LIFE SAVER! My scalp was getting so bad that it was almost embarrassing showing up to work.. as a hairstylist..with a flakey scalp. UM, NO.

I used this once and it immediately turned my frown upside down 🙂

What I did was wash my hair with my normal shampoo, twice, then I lathered this treatment all over my scalp. It doesn’t lather very well, so start with about a dime size amount and work your way all over your scalp. It will lather, it just takes a few hand motions to get the product to lather. I probably use about 5 pumps of the dime size amount to cover all over. Then I let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, and thats when I started to feel the magic happen… YES! That tingle sensation that makes my heart happy. I then rinsed it out and continued with my normal conditioner.

After I let my hair air dry for about thirty minutes, it was time to blow dry and see if it actually helped…. Now usually products don’t work immediately, but I’m happy to say IT DID! WHAT! My scalp was 50% less dry and I was able to confidently go into work without having a snow storm falling on my clients.

I now use it once a week and it has saved my HAIR and more importantly SCALP!

Amazon is a great source to buy this product, hope you like it!

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