The Blow Dry but it won’t Fry

The science behind blow dryers…

After doing some research, I found that ceramic blow dryers are the best for your hair! This Croc Ceramic Ionic Blow dryer will blow dry your hair by using a non damaging infrared heat which is much more gentle on your hair and adds shine due to less frizz.

“It’s too expensive I can’t afford it.”

I used to think that too about expensive hot tools for hair, but let me break it down for you so you’re more comfortable with making the investment. Croc blow dryers should last you at least three years, if not longer. Breaking down $130 for 36 months comes to $3.61 a month. Not too shabby right? It’s important to invest in your hair after you have just spent a pretty penny getting it all nice and done, it would be a shame to use another blow dryer that’s going to damage your hair in the long run after all we have worked for.

I personally use this blow dryer in my Salon and it has been GREAT! Its light weight, easy to use and dries the hair fast. I used to use a Babyliss one from TJMaxx for $35 but I definitely feel like my hair is getting a bit damaged, and that’s the only big change I’ve made. I do apologize for saying to get this blow dryer to you previously, but like most of you I was looking to buy on a budget! But there’s a time and place to budget and I don’t think Hair is one of them πŸ™

On amazon I saw the blow dryer was going for $139.99 not including tax.

For my clients I will be offering this blow dryer for just $130 including Tax!

If you’re looking for a new blow dryer I hope this helps! Sleep on it and let me know when you’re ready to make a great investment for your hair πŸ™‚

Love Is In The Hair.




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