The Stages of Going Lighter

Ever wonder what the stages of going lighter are? Continue reading as I explain how your hair works…

If you are naturally dark or have just recently colored your hair darker then here’s what’s happening when you want to go lighter. Starting from Dark Brown/Black we have to remove several layers of color to even touch an orange/yellow blonde color. During the lightening process, the lightener has to remove dark brown, red brown, red, red/orange, orange, orange/yellow, yellow and to white. This is why during the process you always see hints of red or orange. To keep the hairs integrity, it’s best to move along in stages, and unfortunately, that red/orange is all part of the process. Personally, I believe it takes a solid 3/4 times to go blonde. In my experience, going in stages keeps your hair healthy and allows you to keep the length! So many people have said their hair won’t grow or they had to chop off a ton of length trying to go blonde… But if you see my blondes they still have lots of length!

It takes a lot of patience during this process, but once you understand the process you’re more open to the fact that it doesn’t happen in one session. Most of my clients enjoy their healthy locks of hair and don’t want to see it breaking… You also get to enjoy the new hair colors along the way!


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