3 Reasons Why You Hate Your Hair

Do you feel like you hate your hair? Here are the top three reasons why…

ONE –  You’re due for a haircut.

When you have split ends your hair will never cooperate, no matter what you do. Ever notice that when you’re trying to style your hair with split ends it never looks good? My hair is naturally wavy and I know its time for a cut when I let it air dry and my waves look like a hot mess. Or when I spend time in the morning to curl my hair but they aren’t the pretty curl that I have when my hair is freshly trimmed. Keep up with your trims, it will save you all the hateful thoughts towards your hair. I Promise. I always suggest my clients to get a haircut every 8 weeks to keep your hair fresh and manageable! Pre-Booking your appointments will save you the stress and make it easy for you to remember when it’s time for a cut 🙂

Number Two – Your roots are showing!

I experience this myself all the time… I’ll style my hair but for some reason I still don’t feel like my hair looks on point. I started to realize that when my roots show no matter how cute I style my hair it will never look “Put Together”. I’ll start to feel like I need a complete make over and start looking for short hairstyles or blonde balayages or think about getting bangs! But that’s not the CASE! You don’t need to chop your hair off or decide to go super blonde because you don’t feel like your hair looks good… It’s a SIMPLE fix! I do my roots every 6-8 weeks to make sure that I never feel like I need a dramatic change… As soon as I do a simple touch up on my roots I feel like a new WOMAN. You all know what I’m talking about, I see it everyday after you leave the salon :p Keep it simple. Schedule your root touch ups at least 6-8 weeks. If you wait longer you’ll start to feel like you need that crazy, dramatic change!

And Three – You need to CHOP CHOP

It’s a clear sign that its time to go shorter when all you do is put your hair in a bun. Yes, some of  you have to do that for work, but when you’re finding yourself doing the ponytail on a daily basis then maybe long hair isn’t for you. It’s almost Summer so a lot of my clients are chopping their hair to shoulder length and they are LOVING IT! It truly is easier to manage and its super cute! So if you find yourself not spending any time doing your then its time to consider cutting your hair a little bit shorter 🙂

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