It’s so simple! The Cure for Hair

Do you feel like your hair is lifeless and no matter what you do it just won’t cooperate?!?! I hear this time and time again. In my experience, guiding clients to the right hair care routine has completely changed the life of their hair, for the better of course. I’m going to take focus on one of my clients who had come to me about 2 months ago with the urge to just chop off her hair. She expressed to me that it’s so frizzy and unmanageable that she just puts it in a bun everyday. Without hesitation I already knew what needed to be fixed. I never understood how doctors are so quick to give a prescription when they hear the symptoms, but once you’ve been in the business for a while its like textbook. The underlying cause of frizzy hair simply comes from whats in your shower! It can be so simple to fix, but like a lot of you out there you have no idea the affect that bad shampoos have on your hair structure. Well let me tell you..

During her visit at the salon we went over what shampoos she was using, I can’t remember the exact one, but it was along the lines of Pantene or Herbal Essences. Those are basically the cigarettes of hair, they leave you feeling good but have absolutely no beneficial value to you whatsoever, and are in fact harmful. I know that it gets expensive to purchase higher quality hair products, but I’ve done your research for you and can guide you to a store that has unbeatable prices, and of course there’s amazon! I’ll list the store a little later for you. Back to prices, it can definitely appear to be costly and can be anywhere from about $20 – $60 to invest in good quality products. For my client specifically, I had told her to purchase Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner. This product does great with eliminating frizz and really adding moisture and shine! She didn’t hesitate for two seconds to buy this product because she knew if she wanted to keep her hair long and healthy then she needed to invest in her hair.

Eight weeks later when I saw her for her next hair trim, she entered the salon with a huge smile! Keep in mind, the first time I saw her she came in hesitant and upset with how her hair had been lately. So to see that she came in with such high energy and smiles left and right, I instantly knew we were on the right path. Getting my hands into her hair I could just feel the difference, and see it! Her hair was so soft, shiny, smooth and alive! We took about five minutes just oohing and aahing over how her hair has completely transformed. She told me that her hair is considerably less frizzy and that she hardly wears it in a bun, and she’s just so happy that she has her hair back to normal again! Of course hearing this is like gold to me because as a hairstylist, all I want is for everyone to love their hair and be able to style and play with it at ease!

She actually encouraged me to write a blog about the importance of shampoos because she said if she knew earlier she never would have bought Pantene. I remember her telling me as soon as she got home she immediately threw away the bottles! Her wife has short hair and said Hey! why can’t I use it?? But she knew that it just destroys hair and that no one should be putting that stuff in their hair, long or short. If you’re a client of mine already then I’m sure we have already been over shampoos and conditioners that you should be using and more importantly NOT using!

I hope that this has encouraged you to put away the Pantene for a little and budget your spending so that you too can invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will give you the results that she got! I personally have frizzy, wavy hair, but I use all the good stuff so my hair naturally dries FRIZZ FREE! I never thought my hair would be able to do that when I was in high school spending 45 minutes everyday straightening my hair to fight the frizz. My mom bought us Dove back in the days, but like you, I had no idea that’s what was causing my hair to rebel!

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